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      8,000-10,000 江蘇蘇州市 5-10年 大專 全職
      上海嘉會國際醫院 2022-11-27 更新 2023-01-29 截止
      目前共有 99 個求職者投遞過該職位,相比他們你的綜合競爭力排名為 99 名, 使用競爭力報告分析
      五險一金 節日福利 帶薪年假 住房補貼 晉升機會 工作餐
      Dispensary service
      1. Accurately identify, select, label using HIS, dispense anddistributedrugs (including controlled drugs) for in and outpatientsprescriptionsaccording to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
      2. Take part in counselling and in the provision of informationonmedicines to patients, doctors and other health care staff.
      3. Carry out reception duties, involving dealing with patients,relativesand handling prescription charges/crediting unused medicines.
      4. Use the computer systems to track prescriptions. Ensuremedication isdispensed to meet agreed delivery times and to minimizewaiting times for patients.
      Purchasing and Stock Control
      1. Assist with basic purchasing, maintenance and control of stocklevelsfor all facilities using purchasing and inventory systems.
      2. Co-ordinate and assist in receiving Pharmacy stock (medicalandnon-medical) against the orders placed for all Pharmacy locations.
      3. Follow the procedures for checking, storing and handling eachmedicinereceived including dealing with discrepancies found in deliveries.
      4. Assist with any invoice queries arising.

      Clinical service
      1. Provide an efficient and accurate ward top-up service according tohospital policy.
      2. Be responsible for ADC re-stocks, stock allocation and expiry checking.
      3. Check expiry dates and stock holdings on thefloors/departments on aregular basis.
      4. Regularly audit ward treatment room drug storage compliance.

      PIVAS service
      1 To participate in aseptic preparation and manufacturing inaccordancewith Good Manufacturing Practice, COSSH regulations,currentlegislation/guidelines and policies and standard operatingprocedures(SOPs). This involves:
      2 The use of specialist equipment including working in clean-roomsandthe use of isolator cabinets
      3 Undertaking the handling, manipulation and accurate measurement ofallcomponent drugs.
      4 Ensuring strict asepsis at all times within the work-station.

      1 Minimum 2 year work experience in a hospital/community pharmacy
      2 Working experience in tertiary hospital pharmacy orinternationalhospital pharmacy is desirable
      3 Working experience in PIVAS is desirable
      4 Pharmacist License or above by Ministry of Health is required
      • 藥學

      • 大專

      • 5-10年

      • 不限

      • 英語四級

      • 2


      江蘇蘇州市吳中區蘇州工業園區久光 查看地圖


      民營醫院 三級


      近兩周簡歷處理率 27%
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